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Direct access and open archives

Base (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)

  • SourceUniversity of Bielefeld, Germany
  • Resource type : articles, books, theses, images, multimedia documents, maps, partitions
  • Description : Base is a search engine specialized in open access scientific resources. A wide variety of medical documents (like PubMed Central) or resources such as Gallica and Medic@, is offered. A mobile interface and an alert system through RSS are also available.

Numeric library Medic@

  • Source : Inter-University Library of Health Paris Descartes
  • Resource type : online text catalog
  • Description : produced by the Health History Service of the Interuniversity Health Library, the Medic @ collection re-publishes, in electronic form and free of charge online access, old documents. Most of them belong to the library’s collections : monographs, theses, articles, periodicals, manuscripts.

DOAB (Directory of open access books)

  • Source : OAPEN Foundation
  • Resource type : books
  • Description : the Directory of open access books (DOAB) is a directory of digital books distributed according to the model of open access. It is thus possible to conduct a search by title, author, keywords to obtain the link to a book in full text or to access to the alphabetical list of all the books listed.

CISMeF ((Cataloging and Indexing of French-Language Medical Sites)

  • Source : Rouen’s University Hospital
  • Resource type : website
  • Description : this catalog indexes the main Francophone sites and documents. The list of resources contains a thematic classification, in particular medical specialties, an alphabetical classification, and access by type of resources.
  • See also : the thematic sections psychiatry, child psychiatry et addictology.

DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)

  • Source : University of Lund (Sweden)
  • Resource type : articles, journals
  • Description : DOAJ is a database that lists and provides access to high quality scientific journals in open access. This directory enables the retrieval, reporting and exploitation of peer-reviewed scientific journals published in full free access.

Free Full PDF

  • Source : KnowMade Society
  • Resource type : scientific articles, theses, posters and patents.thèses, posters et brevets.
  • Description : this Search engine gives access to scientific publications in full text.

HAL (Hyper Articles Online)

  • Source : Center for Direct Scientific Communication
  • Resource type : scientific publications, unpublished papers, academic papers, research data.
  • Description : HAL is a multidisciplinary open archive. Documents filed on HAL are immediately and freely available on a permanent basis.
  • See also : the thematic sections psychiatry and mental health, psychology and neurosciences.

Mir@bel (Mutualization of information on magazines and their access to online databases)

  • Source : Sciences Po Lyon, Sciences Po Grenoble and Diderot Library in Lyon.
  • Resource type : information on online content of journals, in particular French-language journals in humanities and social sciences.
  • Description : Mir@bel lists numerous online journals and websites offering one or more online access to content of journals (packages of journals, publishers’ catalogs, summaries …).

PubMed Central

  • Source : U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM)
  • Resource type : articles
  • Description : PubMed Central is a free-of-charge bibliographic database of scientific articles in the biomedical and life sciences fields. All PubMed Central articles are freely accessible. Please note that some articles are available only six months after publication in a journal.

TEL (Theses online)

  • Source : Center for Direct Scientific Communication
  • Resource type : doctoral theses and HDR (authorization to conduct research)
  • Description : TEL is a particular environment of HAL (see above) and therefore makes available doctoral theses and HDR (authorization to direct research) free of charge.
  • See also : The thematic sections psychiatry and mental health, psychology and neurosciences.



Images and portraits database

  • Source : Inter-University Library of Health Paris Descartes
  • Resource type : Images
  • Description : The BIU Santé image and portrait database provides a unique access to geographically dispersed collections in the field of health history. Medicine, pharmacy, odontology, hospital heritage and veterinary medicine are represented in the BIU Santé iconographic collections and five partner institutions. The imagebase contained 200 000 images on January 2016.


  • Source : Center for Direct Scientific Communication
  • Resource type : images and iconographic documents.
  • Description : MédiHAL is an open archive containing scientific images and iconographic documents of science (scanned images, digitized photographs, digital photographs, images of synthesis or images of numerical simulations, etc.). MediAL is a specific HAL archive (see above).


Canal Académie : Academies and the Institut of France on Internet [section « sciences »]

  • Source : Academies regrouped within the Institut de France
  • Resource type : original items, still images, audio and video
  • Access : Free access to some media, others are available on subscription.
  • Description : Canal Académie gives a large place to academic works, to academics’ conferences, to books written, awarded or recommended by them, to their personal works and points of view. Canal Académie broadcasts analysis and debates of the different Academies regrouped within the Institut de France.
  • See also : Society (« Société »).

Canal U – the webTV of higher education [section « Sciences de la santé et du sport »]

  • Source : Center for Multimedia Resources and Information for Higher Education (CERIMES)
  • Resource type : videos, accompanied if necessary by educational documents (slideshow, bibliography, …)
  • Access : free, some videos are also available for download
  • Description : Canal-U is the digital video library of higher education. It is the reference site for audiovisual resources in higher education. Teachers and students can find programs enriched with teaching materials and validated by the scientific councils of the Numerical Thematic Universities.
  • See also : Headings Psychiatry, Medical Psychology, Psychomotricity and Public health, environment and society

YouTube chanels

  • CIUSSS (Integrated Center for Health and Social Services of the East-Island of Montreal) of the East-Island of Montreal :  The Montreal Institute for Mental Health offers several videos on mental health care and services.
  • DijonSante (DijonHealth) : DijonSante channel provides explanatory videos on health issues through professionals in the Dijon area.
  • DocToBib : DocToBib channel offers webtutorial in French, explaining the use of essential resources in the search for free medical information and the handling of bibliographic reference management and document monitoring tools.
  • Foundation of France : The Foundation of France puts online webdocuments to discover the original initiatives it supports. These videos can take the form of words from users, professionals, testimonials, reports, …
  • FondaMental foundation : The FondaMental Foundation provides access to videos of symposiums, conferences, interviews, presentations of research programs in the field of mental health
  • High Authority of Health (HAS) : The High Authority of Health offers videos on different health topics (quality of life at work, smoking, hospital certification, …)
  • Douglas Institut  : The Douglas Institute posts videos with the aims to advance and share mental health knowledge.

Watch U : the WebTV of the University of Auvergne [section « santé »]

  • Source : University of Auvergne (Clermont-Ferrand – France)
  • Resource type : videos
  • Access : free
  • Description : Watch U contains videos from the University of Auvergne. The Medicine section offers tutorials on documentary research (Pubmed, staging of students to do a bibliographic

Outils de recherche

Google Scholar

  • Source : Google
  • Resource type : scientific publications, academic works, articles, theses, books.
  • Description : Google Scholar is a multidisciplinary search engine whose sources are scientific publishers, scholarly societies, universities, research organizations,…
  • Trick : In the search results the presence of full text is indicated in the right column.


  • Resource type : Scientific articles, forum, exchange groups
  • Description : ReasearchGate is a 5 million researchers and scientists’network. Subject to registration (free), this site allows members to share their research and exchange on the platform. ResearchGate’s search engine provides access to the resources of the platform itself, as well as bibliographic databases such as Pubmed.
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